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Strength in R&D

In AIC, the R&D people are striving for more than fulfilling global customer’s existing requirements; also they will have to find and meet those potential needs. The AIC R&D system is a Global Customer Oriented and Total Project Management organization, and aims to provide customers with excellent cost performance products and services by analyzing each order’s unique circumstance and immediate action upon thereafter. It’s our core mission to bring worldwide clients with more values.

The AIC engineers help our clients to make greater achievements by winning every technical challenge. Unlike a R&D laboratory in a regular company, our diversified category makes our R&D tasks to be accomplished by joining customers and taking part in each producing process, finding out the necessity of improvement and drawing the innovation plans at the site of manufacturing or utilization. We practice the fundamentals of R&D – with deep expertise in following fields:

         -Getting our machinery products to be more intelligent and reliable
         -Innovating the workmanship to enhance the yield rate and reduce energy consumption
         -Exploring new demand for working protection and designing new labor protective products
         -How to make the working protective products to be more comfortable for every user
         -How to enhance the performance of our medical appliances while maintaining a economical cost
         -Improving the design to satisfy more and more diversified and stringent requirements on home commodities

Innovation has been achieved by different Project R&D teams in different fields and with their exquisite technologies. The AIC R&D is upgrading industrial fields of
         -Pressure Vessels and Containers
        -Chemical Reactors, Heat Exchange System and Full Chemical Machinery Projects
         -Fined Chemicals and Raw Pharmaceutical Materials
         -Packaging Producing Machineries and Automatic Packing Machines
         -Special Purpose Packaging and Customized Packaging
         -Heat Insulating Materials
         -Electric Equipments and Printed Circuit Board
         -Working and Household Hardware
         -Home Commodities and Personal Care Products
         -Foodstuff and Native Products



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