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AIC never take their past grand achievements for granted. In contrary every success came from the     outstanding contribution of our full-staff endeavor and cooperation, as well as the precious support from     our valued business partners.

AIC are more than a supplier of commodities and services, but also an arena of our superior staff to exert and all-round develop their talents and experiences. AIC are providing every individual with extensive planning and activities on developing personnel cultivation, in addition to training and tutoring on working skills.

AIC are a global corporate citizen committed to their social responsibilities. Before providing each new     product or designing a new industrial project, AIC will make total assessment on the environmental     impact and energy consumption. During the outputting period of each product or project, engineering     team in AIC will take the initiative to keep close track on each process and improving the workmanship,     and finally minimize or eliminate the impact on environment and very critically to approach the least limit     of energy utilization.

AIC consistently treasure their established business integrity and professional background, which is still contributing to their leading position in the field of chemical machineries, building materials, working protection tools, medical and healthcare items and foodstuff related products. Starting from existing strength in R&D, manufacturing and global distribution experiences, AIC will go further to extend their advantages and grow up to be a worldwide top supplier of comprehensive products and services.
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